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Last Updated on
December 18, 2023

15 Amazing Roadmap Examples

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Want to check out some roadmap examples for inspiration? Creating a public roadmap is a great idea, and can bring a lot of benefits to your business while exciting your customers and keeping them in the loop.

Before you create your own, it's a good idea to check out some roadmap examples to get a feel for what you need. We’ve compiled 10 good ones here, from a variety of different industries. Let’s take a browse.

1. Microsoft 365 roadmap

This is a good roadmap example for a huge organization. As you’d expect, Microsoft 365 has a ton of items in development and rolling out at any given time.

The roadmap has filtering functionality for users to effectively find what they are looking for, and the ability to download and share - both good options for large businesses and platforms with millions of users.

If you are a large enterprise, it’s worth checking out this roadmap example to see what you could emulate.

2. GitHub roadmap

GitHub is a slick roadmap example that uses the popular Kanban board format. As one of the most important tech platforms on the web, GitHub’s roadmap is always packed with work being undertaken by their large teams.

The color coding, extensive tagging, and other features are great aspects of this roadmap. It’s highly organized and easy to sift through. When you click on a roadmap item, it pulls up a window with more information like a summary of the project, the intended outcome, milestones and more.

Overall this is a great example of a well-organized and wide ranging roadmap - check it out.

3. Unity roadmap

If you’ve not heard of them, Unity is a famous game engine that developers use to create VR and AR games.

With several million developers using the platform, you can imagine there’s a huge amount of interest in bug fixes, new features, and ongoing improvements.

Unity opted for a simple, easy to understand roadmap. With projects classed into in progress, planned & released, each card provides basic information about the work being done. You can also click through to see more context.

If you want a simple, easy to understand roadmap and don’t need to integrate a huge array of projects and tasks - this is a good roadmap example to follow!

4. Jenkins roadmap

Jenkins is the largest open source automation server, helping businesses to automate parts of the software development process from building to testing and deploying.

As you can imagine, they have a technical and engaged user base that rely on their platform for crucial work - so the roadmap is very important.

Visually, it's very well organized, with colors that jump out and make it simple to see the categories. There are also extensive filtering options at the top - like features, documentation, outreach programs, tools and more - to make it easy to search for specific projects.

The categorization into Future, Near Term, Current, Preview, and Release also makes a lot of sense!

Since Jenkins is open source and depends on contributions to ship improvements - the roadmap is a crucial tool for the community! Check out the roadmap to learn more.

5. Kentico Xperience roadmap

Kentico is a CMS and digital experience platform that businesses use to manage multiple websites and campaigns.

The roadmap is well organized and designed, although not quite as intuitive to understand at-a-glance as some of the previous ones we’ve seen. The categorization of items into “under consideration”, “upcoming” and “released” is nice, and another cool feature is that users can rate the importance of each project and add their own comments.

Check out Kentico’s roadmap here!

6. Angular roadmap

Angular is one of the most popular app development frameworks around, so it’s no surprise that a detailed, comprehensive roadmap is needed to keep everyone in the loop about its evolution.

The Angular roadmap categorizes items into “in progress”, “future”, and “completed” - linking to further information where necessary.

There is no interactivity, it’s “read only” with no options to comment or vote. An interesting roadmap example of a large software platform doing a lot of complex work. Check it out.

7. Squad roadmap

Roadmaps are very popular with gaming companies. The community, fan aspect of a lot of games means that there are thousands - even millions - of players waiting for new updates and releases of popular titles.

Squad is a popular first-person shooter. The roadmap has been styled to match the aesthetic of the game and the site overall - with no corporate looking boards in sight.

Users can scroll through and get a visual, exciting overview of what’s coming soon! Check it out for a great gaming roadmap example.

8. Aras roadmap

Coming back to the more corporate side, Aras is an enterprise software provider that aims to “transform how the world makes products”.

The roadmap is easy to filter and understand thanks to the categories and tagging, and they went with a sensible, minimalist design in keeping with their brand and target audience. The dropdown list of categories is a nice touch, and the changelog below the roadmap is also a great idea.

This is a good roadmap example for enterprise companies with a more “corporate” brand identity. Check it out for yourself.

9. Flight Simulator roadmap

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is probably the best-known, most successful home flight simulator on the market.

The development roadmap is minimalist and very easy to digest. It simply lays out a week-by-week summary of new releases and milestones - three months into the future. The purpose is to just give fans a simple overview of the changes they can expect.

If you don’t care about interactivity, user input, or giving much detail - this is a roadmap example you could draw inspiration from. Check it out!

10. Kotlin roadmap

Kotlin is a programming language often used for mobile app development. The roadmap is broken into two parts. There’s a high level overview here that breaks down current and future projects by category, with a changelog at the bottom that gives a quick summary of recently completed tasks.

Kotlin also maintains a public issue tracking board here, more focused on bug fixes and categorized into in progress, submitted, open and fixed.

This is a good roadmap example for complex software projects that need to be understood in detail by a technical audience. Check it out!

11. Neocore Games roadmap

Neocore is a games studio that created the Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor game. They have a simple roadmap that matches the design and vibe of the game really well.

This is a great roadmap example for gaming companies, it looks cool and has all the information that fans need without getting into any technical weeds (they probably have an internal roadmap for this).

Check it out!

12. Treehouse roadmap

Treehouse is one of the biggest names in the Ed Tech space, with dozens of high quality courses teaching students technical topics related to software development.

The roadmap is simple, laying out upcoming courses - exactly what students and potential students are interested in.

If you run an online school or eLearning business, this is a great roadmap example to follow. Check it out!

13. Faithlife roadmap

Faithlife creates tools, software and resources for Bible study. The roadmap - powered by FeedBear - is simple but comprehensive.

Most items are classed as “planned” or “in progress” - but the functionality of the roadmap goes beyond a simple relay of information.

As you can see, the first column is “needs your opinion”. Adding an item here is a smart way to get quick feedback from users, as they can upvote and comment on the projects they care most about. This is valuable data for product managers and entrepreneurs, and is a great roadmap example that goes beyond the standard functionality.

14. Webboss roadmap

WebBoss is a web design and development platform that allows businesses to build full-featured, visually impressive eCommerce stores, blogs and marketing sites.

The Roadmap is a nice simple, digestible overview of upcoming projects - and also lets users interact with the board through voting and commenting. Check out this great roadmap example!

15. Markup Hero roadmap

Markup Hero is a really cool business that has developed a suite of handy consumer productivity tools. The team is really into being transparent and user-centric, so they use FeedBear to share a comprehensive roadmap and have their users comment and vote on each item.

According to founder Jeff Solomon, a lot of features and improvements to the product have come directly from user comments on the roadmap and feedback board - check it out!

Build your own Roadmap with FeedBear

We’ve seen 15 great roadmap examples, now you’re ready to build your own. It can be a hassle, but we have an effective option for you - FeedBear.

With FeedBear you’ll have a full-featured, custom roadmap like Faithlife, Markup Hero and WebBoss - which you can set up in minutes on your own custom domain. Your users can easily see everything you’re working on, and you can get valuable feedback from them in the form of votes and comments.

FeedBear is more than just a roadmap tool though, it’s a complete customer feedback solution. You get a feedback board that users can easily submit ideas, feature requests, and bug reports - directly or through a simple site widget. The feedback board is one centralized destination to organize all the feedback that comes in from multiple sources. You’ll be able to organize and make sense of feedback on a whole new level.

The next part is the roadmap. Just change the status on an item in the Feedback Board, and it’ll be moved to the roadmap. Your users will be able to see everything that you’re working on, vote on items, and share their comments and thoughts.

The third part of FeedBear is a Changelog (or Release Notes page) that lets you announce updates and shipped improvements in longer form, adding rich media and more detail!

Everything from gathering, organizing, and actioning feedback is handled in a clean, easy to set up system. You’ll never need anything else to integrate feedback into your product’s development.

We hope that you enjoyed this compilation of roadmap examples. When you’re ready to build your own roadmap - you can’t go wrong with FeedBear. See for yourself by trying it out free for 14 days. No commitments, no credit card details required.

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Markup Hero feedback board.

Collect customer feedback the easy way.

Bring feedback, ideas and feature requests in one place with FeedBear, so you can focus on what matters. Start your 14-day free trial today – no credit card required.

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