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60 second setup
It's so simple you can start collecting customer feedback in just minutes.
Fully customizable
Use your logo and colors, set it up on your own domain. Add custom CSS.
Get your whole team onboard at a simple, flat monthly price.
60 second set up
It's so simple you can start collecting customer feedback in just minutes.
Fully customizable
Use your logo and colors, set it up on your own domain. Add custom CSS.
Get your whole team onboard at a simple, flat monthly price.

Words from our customers

"I like the simplicity. Everything was intuitive"
"Great UI, it’s fast, and has all core features"
"Very pleased with the simplicity, cleanliness and price point"
"Such an intuitive product"
"Simple, without missing the key features"
"Straightforward setup as an admin, intuitive for users"
"I like the simplicity. It's clean and intuitive"
"Quick to use and add items to"
"A straightforward addition to our service"
"The interface is simple and very clear to use"
"It makes our users truly part of our growth plan"
"A user friendly interface with all required features"
"Extremely simple and intuitive to set up"
"Because FeedBear integrates with Intercom, Zapier, and Slack, we never missed a thing"
"Great UI and everything works likes magic"
"It works flawlessly"
"I really appreciate Feedbear's UX"
"It gets the job done without investing many days of effort"
"It's easier to find out which areas need improvement"
"It levels up my business."
"Exactly what my website needs"
"Very clean, simple and has all required features"
"I had my roadmap ready in minutes"
"Awesome product for perfect price"

Your questions, answered.

Everything you need to know about our product and billing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our help center or contact us and we’ll be in touch.
What's the meaning of team members?

In FeedBear, there are three main types of users: Owners, Team members (admins), and normal users.

Here's a breakdown:

  1. Owners: The person who creates the FeedBear project. They have complete control over the project, including all administrative functions like accessing billing and managing the team.
  2. Team members (admins): These are team members added by the Owner. Admins can do almost everything the Owner can, except for managing the team and subscription. Typically, team members like developers, product managers, and leadership are added as Admins. They have the ability to edit, manage, move, and delete ideas, change statuses, and create changelogs.
  3. Normal Users: These are generally customers or users who access your project and idea boards. They can submit ideas, share comments, and upvote existing ideas. They don't have the administrative capabilities that Owners and Admins have.

Do you have a discount for non-profits?

Yes, get in touch at sales@feedbear.com during your trial and we'll offer you our plan for non-profits and registered charities.

What if we have several companies/projects?

You can create unlimited boards within your project. Some customers use separate boards for different products within the same project. If you'd like to have completely different branding, you'll need to create a new project (billed separately from the first). If you're an agency or need more than 10 projects, get in touch at sales@feedbear.com

What is a project?

A project usually corresponds to a company or brand. Each project has separate branding, a web address e.g. leaddelta.feedbear.com or roadmap.leaddelta.com, multiple feedback boards, but a single roadmap and changelog page. You'll need multiple projects if you have separate brands and products with a different audience. If you have multiple products under the same company/brand and with lots of overlap in usage, then it's best to use boards within the same project. See for example feedback.faithlife.com.

How do we reach your support team?
Can I have a feedback widget running within my app or website?

Yes, you can easily add a feedback widget within your web application to collect feedback from your users. Read more in our help article. If you have a mobile app, we suggest linking to your feedback board within a webview or loading the board in Safari/Chrome.

Can I host my roadmap on my own domain?

Yes! Most customers use feedback.domain.com or roadmap.domain.com - read more in our help article.

Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes! You can see our own FeedBear roadmap.

Can I pay annually?

Yes. The yearly plan comes with a discount (2 months free). Upgrade from your project's settings.

Can I cancel our subscription any time?

Yes. You can cancel any time on your own from your account settings, Subscriptions tab. Your project will remain available only to you forever with an option to delete it completely.

Will I be automatically charged when our trial is up?

No. We don't ask for your card details up front. You'll only be charged when you decide to upgrade. If you want to continue using FeedBear after your trial, we'll ask for payment details.

Do you have multi-language support?

Yes, we support English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and we’re working to add several more.

Can I see any examples of companies using FeedBear?

Yes, check out our gallery of examples.

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