Our mission is to help businesses listen to their customers and use feedback to build better products.

We're a small self-funded team focused on building a world-class, simple to use service to help companies better understand customer needs, prioritize requests and build better products.

Why FeedBear

As people in a product role, so often we make product decisions by either using our gut or our idea of what customers want. Even in a group context, brainstorm meetings can provide a lot of input, but often lead us the wrong way. We can get lucky, or waste a lot of time and money building the wrong thing.

Over the years we've learnt the best source for product ideas is talking to customers, and observing customers as they interact with our product.

Customer interviews are great, and we use them frequently, but there's another, more efficient and effective way to get a constant flow of ideas from customers, be it a reflection of their problems, aspirations, issues with the product.

Opening up a dedicated channel to collect ideas and feedback directly from customers can provide an ongoing stream of product ideas, help reduce support requests, bring order to feature requests and bug reports.

General tools like spreadsheets, Trello boards and Notion can work, but don't work at scale and, critically, rarely offer the opportunity to engage in discussions with customers, dig deeper to the source of the problem. They also miss a way to prioritize requests effectively and don't allow product and support teams to close the loop with customers.

That's why we built FeedBear.

How FeedBear solves the problem

With FeedBear, you can create a community for customers to contribute to product development and stay updated about product changes.

You get a single place to collect all ideas and feedback from customers, users and team members.

You can use simple tools to prioritize feedback and understand what customers really want.

Automatic email updates are sent to customers as ideas make it into the company’s product roadmap, so everyone is in the loop, without effort.

You can be as transparent as you want and share a public roadmap to keep customers up to date on what you're working on.

You can make sure no new feature goes unnoticed with a simple changelog to share updates on the product, new features, bug fixes as they are released.
Letting your customers and community tell you what they need is the best way to build a product that answers a real need and problem, and find product/market fit.

How FeedBear works

  1. You quickly set up your product's page on FeedBear, we call this a project. It literally takes 60 seconds. You can add a custom domain and customize it with your brand, colors and even custom CSS. Start with a free trial.

  2. You share your project's page with customers, link from your website or within your product. You can also embed our widget within your application.

  3. You collect ideas, feature requests and suggestions from customers. Customers can vote and comment, so you get an idea of what is most important for them. You can also post your own feature ideas and validate them with your customers - no more guessing what will work! ;)

  4. You can assign a status to each request or idea e.g. Needs your Opinion, In progress, Done. As you do, you automatically populate a roadmap, that customers can access (if you don't want to, just disable this).

  5. Once you've shipped something, just change the status to "Done" and everyone who interacted with that idea will be notified via email.

  6. Want to add more information and make a proper announcement, then write up a quick post for your Updates tab (i.e. your changelog).

Our Values

Keep it simple

We believe in creating simple tools, finding simple solutions to complex problems and solving for the most common use case. You won't find bloated, complex software here.


The more we’re open about our work, the more people are willing to contribute and be part of our community. We enable this with our product and practice it ourselves.

Listen first

Only by listening to customers you can truly build a successful product and company. We apply this to more than just product development.


Considering the customer's perspective, understanding their feelings, goals and ambitions, responding with empathy to requests and complaints.


So much effort is often wasted building the wrong product or features. Fixing this starts with delivering simple solutions, shipping fast, and shortening feedback cycles.

Our core team

We're a small distributed team, working to build the best solution to help businesses listen to their customers.

Pietro Saccomani


Pietro is focused on product and marketing for FeedBear. Previously, he founded MobiLoud, MixBloom and worked at Apple.

Vitor Argos Marcellino

Product Manager

Vitor is in charge of product development and design for FeedBear. Previously he worked on product at MobiLoud and as a developer at Tribulant.

Diego Valdivia

Customer Support

Diego oversees customer support and project management at FeedBear. Previously he worked in the telecom industry.

Sirbuland Atlas

Lead Developer

Sirbuland is in charge of our technical direction and spends most of his days improving FeedBear. Previously he worked as lead developer in multiple successful startups.

Start listening to your customers

Understand what they really want. Build the right product.

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