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Your customers and users are the most valuable source of feedback and product ideas that you will ever have.

Despite this, lots of businesses still don’t take feedback seriously enough - and miss out on a treasure trove of potential insights.

If they do acknowledge the value of feedback collection - it is often done in a haphazard manner involving messy spreadsheets and scattered Trello boards

FeedBear was built to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

FeedBear Makes Gathering Feedback Effortless

With a simple platform that collects feedback in one place and gives you the tools to analyze it effectively - you’ll finally harness the power of productive user feedback.

You’ll know what works well and what needs tweaking, and have a ready made system for informing and validating new product ideas at your fingertips.

Collect Feedback From Multiple Sources

When you first sign up for a 14-day free trial, a feedback board will be generated for your project.

You also have the option to host the board on your own domain, and add a feedback widget on your site.

You can specify what kind of specific feedback you want in our editor, for example FeedBear users Markup hero encourage their users to suggest features or report bugs like so:

Check out their public board.

We encourage you to add a few initial posts to the board about what you’ve been working on lately to get the ball rolling and prompt users to contribute.

Now it’s a case of waiting for their input to roll in.

Mine Feedback for Insight

One of the problems with standard feedback workflows is sorting through and analyzing a mass of data that comes in from all over the place. Feedback comes from support tickets, slack, emails, live chat, social media posts, team meetings, and other sources.

How do you turn this into actionable insight? How do you know what’s most important? How do you keep track?

With FeedBear it’s all in one place, giving you and your team a high-level overview. You can then dive into the details by tagging, filtering, merging requests, and sorting by priority.

You can set your tags up however you want, and they’re not bound to any particular board. You can segment by customer type, tag the team members responsible, assign time estimates, and much more.

Let your Users Speak

Not only can users submit their feedback, but they can interact with you - and each other - on each post.

You, your team, and your users can comment on and discuss each idea at length. This can uncover interesting angles and insights, and help you to gauge the enthusiasm for different ideas and suggestions.

Users can also vote on each idea and request. This will help you to see what they really want, and is valuable data to incorporate into your decision making and product strategy.

Stay Connected to Your Users - and your Team

FeedBear can be a great system for your team to suggest improvements and new features too.

By having team members participate on your public board you can create an even better, more transparent discussion. You can also use FeedBear as a private internal board too!

Whenever there’s new feedback, a comment, or a reply - you’ll get notifications straight to your inbox, so you’ll always be in the loop.

Start Building a Deeper Relationship With your Users Today

You never know what can happen when you really engage your users, and bring them into the product development process by truly valuing their feedback.

You will be surprised at how perceptive some of their suggestions are, and the new directions they can take you in that you’d never thought of before.

Users can be very helpful too, giving great solutions and helping each other out with problems.

The bottom line is that treating feedback with the respect it deserves pays dividends.

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Capterra 4.8/5 stars of 22 reviews.Trustpilot 4.4/5 stars of 27 reviews.
Markup Hero feedback board.