FeedBear is the best Trello alternative for roadmapping

Trello is OK for a roadmap, but has severe drawbacks - here's why FeedBear is much better.

When it comes to Roadmaps, FeedBear is a better alternative to Trello

Looking for a Trello alternative for building roadmaps? FeedBear is the tool for you.

FeedBear overcomes all of Trello's many limitations, and gives startups everything they need to

Let’s get into the key differences so that you can make an informed decision on which is right for you. 

Is Trello good for building Roadmaps? 

Trello is a handy tool for various uses, and is something of a swiss army knife of project management. 

It’s no surprise then that it’s often used for product roadmaps. 

Is it ideal for this? In our view it’s OK, but a specialist feedback management and roadmapping tool like FeedBear is better. 

Let’s look at why. 

FeedBear lets you collect feedback and ideas from users

Using Trello for a roadmap is limiting. All you can do is create cards and allow your customers to comment on them.

Your users can’t submit ideas themselves, since you won’t want the potential chaos of making your board open. 

This isn't ideal at all. You’d need to use a separate tool to get feedback - then use your Trello roadmap only for when you’d made a decision. 

You’re missing out on the best bit - users submitting their own ideas. You’re just broadcasting to users rather than really listening to them. FeedBear makes communication a two-way street, and let’s you actively involve your users in a way that Trello does not. 

With FeedBear, users will leave feedback and submit ideas through widgets on your site, or directly on a feedback board on your own custom domain!

FeedBear is more professional

It’s true that several large companies use Trello for roadmaps, but it doesn’t look that professional and can come off as amateurish. 

The Trello interface is a multipurpose tool, and it isn’t tailored to roadmapping and feedback management. Everyone knows it, many dislike it. It’s not on your own domain, or branded for you in any meaningful way.

FeedBear on the other hand is on your own custom domain. Your users don’t have to navigate to another site to review your roadmap - it’s right there on your site, with a UX designed specifically for roadmapping. 

With FeedBear, you show that you’re taking user input seriously rather than hacking something together with Trello. 

FeedBear does so much more

The most you can really do with a Trello roadmap is to make cards for the projects you are working on and allow your users to comment on them. 

There’s no way for users to make suggestions, all they can do is comment on existing cards. This will inevitably get messy as users will make irrelevant suggestions on random cards as there’s no proper route for them. 

There’s also no way to really prioritize based on user input, or to announce updates. You need something better.

FeedBear is far more powerful. 

You can combine feedback from multiple sources, organizing it with boards and tags. You can share ideas with users to get their opinions, and have them vote on different ideas to help you decide what to prioritize. Another cool thing is that users will often discuss ideas and improvements with each other - and some interesting insights can surface.

Everything is designed exactly for gathering, processing, and actioning feedback. You don’t need any other tool. 

FeedBear gives you a Changelog 

So you get feedback, you decide what to build, you build it - then what? Trello gives you no way to finish the loop and give closure to all involved. You’d perhaps move completed cards into a “done” column. Bit anticlimactic. 

With FeedBear’s changelog, you have a dedicated place to close the loop by announcing updates and new features.

You can give a short announcement, or go into blog post-style depth adding images, media embeds, rich text and more. Tag your updates as New, Improved or Beta - and create a single destination where everyone can see what's new.

FeedBear has better Support

Have you ever tried to get hold of Trello’s support? It involves filling out a form and waiting in a very long line for someone to get back to you. Our support is fast, and personalized - there for you immediately whenever you need us. 

Why FeedBear is the best Trello alternative

It all comes down to one key point. Trello is a generic, multipurpose tool that can be hacked into a roadmap.

FeedBear was specifically designed for making effective use of feedback, creating roadmaps, and updating on progress. 

That’s why:

  • FeedBear helps you to get useful ideas from your users, Trello does not
  • FeedBear integrates with your site, Trello does not
  • FeedBear lets you automatically follow up, Trello does not

There is no way you could replicate more than a thin slice of FeedBear’s functionality with Trello. 

Don’t take our word for it though, try it out yourself. 

You can try FeedBear free for 14 days, and cancel any time. Let’s build your business the roadmap it deserves - start a free trial today.