Why FeedBear is the Best Uservoice Alternative

Uservoice is expensive, tricky, and often overkill. FeedBear is a more elegant and affordable solution for feedback management.

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Looking for a UserVoice alternative? FeedBear might be for you. Let’s get into the key differences so that you can make an informed decision on which is right for your business. 

What is UserVoice? 

UserVoice is one of the oldest user feedback tools on the market, and is packed with a ton of different features - some great, some of debatable usefulness. 

UserVoice is also primarily an enterprise tool, targeted at large companies and with pricing that reflects that. 

What is FeedBear?

FeedBear is built on a different philosophy.

We’re for fast moving, agile businesses - giving them the necessary tools for leveraging user feedback without cumbersome feature bloat or hefty investments.  

Why FeedBear is a Great UserVoice Alternative 

Let’s break down the key differences between UserVoice and FeedBear. By the end of this article you’ll know exactly which is right for you. 

FeedBear is more efficient, simple, and usable 

UserVoice has been around for a long while, and has a ton of features. These features are tailored to large corporations - and are a “box of tricks” that can take serious time and effort to navigate. 

Half the battle is configuring the platform and knowing what to turn off and what to leave on. If you read through UserVoice reviews - a common complaint is that the UI is confusing and cumbersome, and getting it to do what you want can be a painstaking process. 

The tool is powerful no doubt, but for many businesses it will be overkill and take up a lot of time and energy to properly use. 

FeedBear on the other hand is designed to give you exactly what you need to gather and action user feedback, without overcomplicating things. 

FeedBear gives you the tools to do three things - gather and organise feedback, create a roadmap, and update your users through a changelog. 

Your users will be involved at every step of the way. They are able to submit ideas and feedback easily, vote and comment on the ideas of others, and can be automatically updated on everything by email. 

It’s the best way to keep users in the loop and involve them in your mission. FeedBear is simple to use, integrates easily with your existing site, and won’t ever confuse or frustrate you. 

UserVoice is far more expensive  

UserVoice costs at least $500/month at the lowest end. 

It’s hard to actually figure out how much it will cost you though as there’s no self-serve, transparent pricing options - you’ll be quoted by a sales representative. 

FeedBear is $29 per month, for all features, unlimited boards, and unlimited features. That’s it. 

FeedBear onboarding is much easier

With UserVoice, the onboarding process is a bit of a maze. You’ll need to have multiple calls with sales representatives. You can’t try the product out without getting on the phone first. Self-serve isn’t really an option. As it’s so complex, you’ll need one of their people to help you to set it up and customize it. 

With FeedBear - you can sign up straight away with a few clicks, and be all set up in 10 minutes. 

You can start with a 14-day free trial, so you’ll know the tool inside out before needing to commit your time or money. It’s a far more convenient, lower risk model. 

Is FeedBear the UserVoice Alternative for You? 

If you want to:

  • Gather feedback from multiple sources
  • Organize it with boards and tags 
  • Involve users in the process, get their input at every stage
  • Share a public (or private) roadmap 
  • Share progress with a changelog or updates page

Then FeedBear is made for you. 

There’s no reason to pay 3000% more for UserVoice and struggle through their byzantine UI. 

FeedBear gives you exactly what you need to make your users' voices heard in the product development process - and build a stronger, more transparent brand. 

There’s no need to schedule a series of calls, or struggle through a complex setup. You can set FeedBear up in ten minutes, and there’s no risk. 

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