Collect and Prioritize Customer Feedback the Easy Way

Collect customer feedback and ideas, prioritize based on user votes, and keep customers engaged with a roadmap and changelog.

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FeedBear is such an intuitive product. We now have a community of passionate product users who help us improve our roadmap and ship great features. We love it.

Vedran Rasic - CEO at LeadDelta

60 seconds set up

It's so simple you can start collecting customer feedback in just minutes.

Fully customizable

Use your logo and colors, set it up on your own domain. Add custom CSS.


Get your whole team onboard at a simple, flat monthly price.

All feedback in one place

Bring ideas, feature requests and feedback all in one place with unlimited idea boards. Engage your users and team with upvotes and comments. Learn more

Create multiple idea boards

One for for feature requests, one for bugs etc. Keep requests neatly organized. Easy. Unlimited.

Users vote on the best ideas

Users can post their requests and upvote existing ones.

FeedBear suggests similar ideas

So duplicates are avoided. And if similar ideas come through, you can merge them seamlessly.

Voting is a big factor in what we prioritize. If a lot of people are upvoting something, then that's going to get a higher ranking for us.

Jeff Solomon - CEO at Markup Hero

Build a Product Roadmap

Share a simple roadmap view. Keep customers engaged with updates on your progress. Send automatic status updates as you work on your product. Learn more

Send automatic notifications

FeedBear automatically notifies your users when you make progress on their requests.

Close the feedback loop

Show what you're working on and keep everyone on the same page.

We have a whole column in the roadmap for “Needs Your Opinion” and we add a lot to it to get people to engage and interact. They are extremely helpful!

Vedran Rasic - CEO at LeadDelta

Share a Changelog

Announce product changes, new features and bug fixes. Improve user engagement and never let new features go unnoticed. Learn more

Keep customers updated

Communicate new product updates in an attractive way and drive more feature adoption.

Improve retention

Keep users from churning by making sure they're aware of the latest features you've shipped.

FeedBear has a great UI, it’s fast, and has all the core features you may need from a user feedback tool.

Phil Gons - VP of Product at Faithlife

Collect Feedback the Easy Way

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