Make sense of user feedback & requests

Collect ideas, wherever they come from, then focus on what matters to build a better product.

Understand what your users want.

The foundation of any thriving startup is to make something people want. FeedBear allows you to collect feedback from your users so you can do just that.
Idea Voting. Users vote ideas & requests, and you get useful data on what to prioritize building next.
Discussions. Engage your users, ask questions, dig deeper into problems, test solutions.
Filter & Sort. Filter by status & tags, sort by popularity, comments and trending.
Feedback Widget. Collect feedback and ideas directly from your website.
FeedBear embeddable feedback widget.
Merge Ideas. Merge duplicate or similar ideas into one. Create sets of features or epics.
Mobile apps
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Android app
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iOS app
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Moderation. Review ideas provided by users before making them visible on your boards.
Accept icon.
Decline icon.
Allow shared links to expire
Vitor Argos submitted yesterday
Seamless Feedback. Fast login with Single Sign On, social media accounts or enable anonymous voting.
FeedBear sign-up modal.

Show users what you’re building, and decide what comes next.

Analyze your user’s most requested features & fixes, and order them into your next steps.
Roadmap. Engage users by sharing what you're working on.
FeedBear customer example roadmap.
Email Notifications. Notify users of changes on ideas they've sent, voted or commented on.
iOS email notifications
Team Invites. Invite your team, and let them moderate feedback and manage ideas.
FeedBear settings team invite UI.
Visibility Controls. Choose exactly what you want to show in your project.
FeedBear roadmap board.

Document fixes, releases and improvements for users to see.

Analyze your user’s most requested features & fixes, and order them into your next steps.
Changelog. Announce new product features, and keep users engaged.
Custom Labels. Use labels to separate different kinds of updates.
Scheduled Publishing. Plan changelog entires to go live along with new features.
FeedBear changelog scheduler.
Powerful Editor. Use headings, code blocks and more to add detail and structure to new changelog entries. Leverage our GPT-4 powered AI to write drafts in half the time using content from your roadmap.

Make it your own

Markup Hero's feedback board.
Custom homepage. Decide whether your project’s homepage loads to your Feedback board, Roadmap or Changelog.
Accent Color
Squared Icon
Company Logo
Custom branding. Make it your own. Use your color, icons and logo.
Example css in code editor.
Custom Code. Add custom HTML & CSS to integrate third party tools and customize the look and feel of your project.
Email with subject "John Smith commented on an idea you submitted!" inside MacOS mail client.
Custom Email Sender. Customize the sender information for all email notifications to make it your own.
Custom domains. Host your idea board or roadmap on your domain.
Trello icon
Intercom icon
Jira icon
Zapier icon
Slack icon
Slack icon
Wordpress icon
Webhook icon
Trello icon
Intercom icon
Jira icon
Integrations. Work with your tools, including Zapier, Slack, Jira, Trello and/or webhooks.
Spreadsheet with exported feedback board data.
Export your data. Take all your data with you: ideas, votes, comments, users.
Brainboard's feedback board's custom heading.
Headings. Add titles and descriptions to all pages to guide your users.
Multilanguage. English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese already supported.
Roadmap embedded on website.
Embeds. Embed your idea boards or roadmap anywhere you want.
Public or private. Lock down your project by domain or email to use it internally.

Collect customer feedback the easy way.

Bring feedback, ideas and feature requests in one place with FeedBear, so you can focus on what matters. Start your 30-day free trial today – no credit card required.
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Markup Hero feedback board.