The Ideal Product Manager Career Path

A career as a product manager can lead to a lot of exciting places. Product managers can help shape new, explosive startups, or take established companies in new and bold directions.Product manager jobs are highly coveted, and traditionally rank in the top 5-10 on Glassdoor’s list of ... Read More

Alternatives to NPS as A Metric for Customer Satisfaction

At the moment of reading this post, do you know if your customers are satisfied with your product? If yes, how do you know? And can you accurately put a value on this sentiment? Customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of a successful company. It will ensure not only a steady growt... Read More

Product Manager Job Description Sample

The career of a product manager is an interesting prospect for many today. With so many new products being launched every day, companies need capable product managers to be the link between customers on the one hand and a team of engineers on the other. If like many others, you’re trying t... Read More

What Is the Ideal Ratio of Engineers to Product Managers?

If you’re running a SaaS product, there are hundreds of important decisions to make every day. And if you’re doing it for the first time in your life, it’s even more complex. How do you get new customers? Who’s the next person you need to hire? Bootstrap or raise capital? One of the questi... Read More

Start listening to your customers

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