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FeedBear lets you close the feedback loop and keep your users up to date with product changes by sharing release notes and new features announcements.
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Why you need a Changelog Tool

It’s not easy to keep your customers in the loop about every bug fix, update or feature release. Honestly, do you always follow up 100% of the time with the user who submitted the original idea or report?

With FeedBear’s automated follow ups - it's much easier.

Every time you change the status of an idea on the Roadmap, everyone who commented, voted, or submitted it in the first place will be automatically updated with a branded email.

This is only half the battle though.

It only updates the people directly involved with the idea on your feedback board and roadmap. This will always be just a thin slice of your user base.

You need a tool to announce changes to the world, in detail, in one place.

That’s why FeedBear customers use our Changelog feature, so that you can announce every new feature, update or bug fix to all your users and team members.

It's the final part of the feedback loop you’ll build with FeedBear.

It’s one place to share all your wins and announce product improvements, updates and new features in as much detail as you like.

It keeps our customers in the loop, shows them that we’re working to give them a better product, and demonstrates to potential customers that FeedBear is a platform that is always improving and growing.

You can also make your Updates tab easier to digest with labels.

By classifying shipped improvements as New, Improved, or Beta it’s easier for people to contextualise the changes.

A changelog is great for short, small updates - but you can also go into a lot more depth with longer, more detailed updates that are closer to blog posts.

LeadDelta is using video to introduce new product versions

The changelog gives you the chance to go much deeper into your wins than just moving it to the “done” column on your roadmap.

New features will no longer go unnoticed, and your users will see evidence that their input is acted upon and your brand is committed to constant improvement.

You can add rich text, images, media embeds and more to your updates - so you can communicate the good news with some visual flair.

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Capterra 4.8/5 stars of 22 reviews.Trustpilot 4.4/5 stars of 27 reviews.
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