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If you’re old enough (like myself), you may remember walking into an office or an organization and seeing a box where you could drop a paper. This was called a suggestions box and the idea was simple - to (anonymously) give feedback about the service, quality of product or something else at the facility.

And while suggestion boxes in real life are mostly a thing of the past, they definitely still exist in the online world. In fact, adding a suggestion box to your website could be one of the smartest things you do for your online presence.

Here is what a suggestions box tool is and how you can use FeedBear for this purpose.

What is a suggestion box tool?

This is a feature that when added to your website lets you collect feedback. It allows your visitors and customers to voice their opinion by providing honest feedback. This can be guided feedback on a specific topic (e.g. on a new landing page or aspect of your product) or just general feedback (e.g what a customer thinks of your product).

The main aspect of a suggestions box is anonymity. If you want the most honest feedback possible, you should let your customers cast their vote under the cloak of anonymity. This is exactly what you can do with FeedBear.

FeedBear - your new suggestions box tool

If you’re looking for an elegant and easy way to get a suggestion box set up on your website, FeedBear is an excellent way to get started. Here are some of the ways that you can use it as a dedicated suggestions box tool and more - Let’s get into the details now.

Anonymous feedback for your website

Using FeedBear’s feedback boards, you can collect feedback on your website completely anonymously - or not, depending on what your customers decide. If they want to have their name and email attached to their piece of feedback, that option is there is a standard way. If not, they can just post an entry without logging in and leaving any data whatsoever.

The ability to collect votes

With FeedBear, the feedback you collect from your feedback board isn’t lost in a black hole like a typical suggestions box. Instead, it goes public (but anonymous) on your feedback board. That way, other customers can leave comments and vote on these feedback entries if they find them useful.

Additionally, customers can interact with each other and your team. This creates a feeling of community with other people using the product. But more importantly, it shows your customers that you're listening - as your team is there to answer their questions and spark discussions.

A Suggestion box for two-way communication between your team and customers

Most suggestion boxes you find online (and in real life) are one-sided. Once customers submit feedback, they rarely hear back from a company. Well, that’s not the case with FeedBear.

Once your customers share feedback or a suggestion on your feedback board, your team can reply to their entries and engage in discussions through threaded comments. If you ever wanted to become more customer-centric as a company, this is the way to go about it.

Show your customers that you care

If a customer uses your feedback board to suggest a change in your website or product, they are usually left in the dark when it comes to updates. Once again, not with FeedBear.

If you decide to fix a bug or create a new feature based on a piece of customer feedback, they can get notified every time a new status update happens. For example, once a piece of feedback goes from your feedback board to a roadmap, and every time it changes status in the roadmap.

Connect suggestions to a roadmap

Once you decide to apply a piece of customer feedback, be it a bug fix or a new feature, FeedBear allows you to move it from a feedback board to a product roadmap. This is one of the easiest ways to communicate product changes, updates and plans.

This means that the feedback you get from your customers is no longer lost in the void. Instead, it becomes an actionable part of your overall product strategy. What’s even more important is that your customers can see what you have in the pipeline for the upcoming months and quarters.

The biggest benefit by far is keeping customers in the loop about what is happening. They’ll know what you’re building and even more importantly, they’ll know that their suggestions are accepted and worked on. With customers in the driver seat, you can increase product adoption, lower your churn and increase profits.

Wrapping up

If you’ve always looked for a suggestion box tool that is not just a place for customers to shout into the void, FeedBear is your next tool of choice. With FeedBear, you get more than just a suggestion box - you get an entire toolset to collect, manage and analyze customer feedback. Sign up today to get started!

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