TrueRanker uses FeedBear to stay organized and know what their customers want them to build

Search engine optimization remains the most important channel of growth for every business with a digital presence. TrueRanker is one of the most accurate tools today that provides a complete suite of features needed to boost your website ranks in Google search results. From a keyword rank tracker to an on-page SEO checker, TrueRanker has everything you need to improve your rankings across Google and several other search engines. 

The team at TrueRanker values user feedback for guidance. However, due to a lack of a central feedback collection and management system, it was very difficult to stay organized and at the top of issues. This is where they opted for FeedBear. 

FeedBear provides a system to collect and manage customer feedback, which helps product builders stay engaged with their customers throughout the entire product development journey. It’s a must-have tool for any product manager looking to involve customers or users in the product-building process. 

How did FeedBear help TrueRanker achieve its goal of staying customer-centric? Let’s dive in to find out.

The Team

My name is Sergio and together with my partner Javier we created TrueRanker at the end of 2018. We are both developers and have worked together for years as employees, but in 2018 we decided to take a risk and become entrepreneurs. That's when the idea of TrueRanker was born, a tool to monitor the rank of keywords in the Google search engine in more than 50,000 locations and thus make better decisions in the SEO strategy of a business.

Story Behind TrueRanker

We asked Sergio the motivation behind his decision to build TrueRanker. The pain points they wanted to address with TrueRanker. This is what they had to share.

In addition to developers, we are also SEO consultants, and at that time we realized that we needed a rank tracker and that we had the required technology and skills to do it ourselves. So, we took the plunge and did it, like crazy. Four years later TrueRanker has become a rank tracker trusted by many users.

The Problem

For us, it’s important to know the specific problem Sergio and his team were looking to solve, which led them to discover FeedBear. This is what Sergio had to share

We were quite guided in the development by the feedback from our users, but the suggestions came to us from different channels, some of them were forgotten and we didn't know which were the most requested features. It was quite disorganized, to be honest. Even so, we wanted to give more weight to our users when creating TrueRanker by making it a differential element against other competing rank trackers. The solution was to find a tool like FeedBear to have all this centralized.

Why FeedBear?

We couldn’t help but ask about features and details of FeedBear that convinced the team at TrueRanker to go ahead with FeedBear. This is what they replied

We wanted a tool that was easy to use with a user-friendly interface, that also had a roadmap and changelog, and that we could customize with our branding. FeedBear did it all.

We were curious to know if the team at TrueRanker tried or considered any other options before they went ahead with FeedBear. What’s really important to find out was any doubts that Sergio and his team had before finally purchasing FeedBear.

We investigated several tools to manage feedback and FeedBear was the best fit, and time has shown that it was the right decision. We didn't really have any doubts about Feedbear, we knew this tool was what we were looking for. But we did think about whether our users would make use of it or ignore it. Fortunately, there was a response from the users and they tend to publish their ideas when we suggest they do so in the Feedbear panel. However, in the end, the percentage of users who provide feedback here is low, so it is necessary to have a good user base to get powerful feedback and really know which tasks to prioritize.

How FeedBear is helping TrueRanker understand what their customers want to be built?

Sergio also shared how FeedBear has improved their overall feedback management system.

We now know exactly what features or enhancements users want in TrueRanker. And we know it in a quantified way, which helps us enormously in choosing which feature to develop next. Thanks to the feedback, we discovered that the font used was not suitable, especially for a table that appears with a lot of data. The font we used was nice, but it took up too much space, so the user could see less data at a glance. We changed it to a more compact font, which allowed the user to see more data and scroll less, improving usability.

Also, we were interested to know the way they get their team members and users to use FeedBear. 

Our users can reach the different Feedbear boards directly through the tool's navigation menu. In addition, when a user contacts support to suggest an idea, we usually point them to the link to the Feedbear dashboard. Even if there is already a post with that idea, we direct them to it to save time and make it easier for them to vote and leave their feedback.

A Message to anyone sitting on the fence right now, wondering to sign up.

If you are looking for a tool to manage and organize your users' feedback, Feedbear will almost certainly meet your requirements and will be a wise decision.

It was great to speak with Sergio and hear his amazing insights about his experience with FeedBear.

If you’re ready to do the same - you can get set up in minutes and try FeedBear free for 14 days. No credit card is required. 

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