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AGC is a website building and web design platform aimed at eCommerce entrepreneurs.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

How AGC uses FeedBear internally

AGC is an amazing platform, letting anyone build fully-functional eCommerce stores with zero code required. Shopify - watch out!

They’ve been using FeedBear to build out their roadmap and help to plan new features. 

We sat down with Cezar, founder of AGC, to hear his story. 

What is AGC?

“AGC is a website building and web design platform aimed at eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s for web designers and builders that need something easy and better to build on that takes away the headaches of hosting and constant updates”

What is AGC comparable to? 

“It's a little more customizable than Shopify. It's on a level of a Wix, just a little faster than Wix itself”

Cezar has been in the industry for years, but only building AGC over the last two. 

At the moment they support several hundred blogs, and are an early-stage startup, but more and more eCommerce stores are joining every month. 

Cezar started off as a Shopify user himself. He soon started helping others to improve and customize their stores, and started to see the opportunity to build a completely new and improved platform. 

How AGC Listens to Customers

Before finding FeedBear, Cezar’s customer development and feedback system was more manual, relying on one-on-one calls with customers to get insights. 

“It was a lot of Google Meet. A lot of talking to people, either by text, email, phone, video and so on. I was always trying to get good feedback and you know, get some beta testers onboard to test everything out so that we were always ready”

This wasn’t easy. Cezar said that it took a lot out of the team in terms of time and energy. They persevered with it because it was important to them to understand the AGC users on a deeper level. 

The process was casual. 

“We would just reach out and say hey. Take some details and arrange a time to chat. That was mostly it!”

Gathering feedback and understanding users was always a major priority for Cezar and the team. It wasn’t always so efficient as today though. 

“We definitely listen to our customers. There are always hundreds of people with different ideas, often there are a lot that have the same idea at the same time. That’s what we try to scope out. When a customer has a great idea that we like, we try to wait and see if it comes up again. It’s a strong signal if multiple users make the same requests”

Finding FeedBear

As AGC grew, the original feedback system struggled to scale. Cezar realized that a more automated system was needed. 

“It was starting to be too much manual work. When there are 50 people a day messaging us and feedback coming in from different sources, it starts to get too much. The idea of directing them to a feedback board and telling them to add their feedback in one centralized place started to look more appealing”

The plan was to still keep the personal touch, but to make the whole process more scalable:

“Just put it there. We’ll go ahead and review it. Once we make a decision of some kind we’ll email you personally and keep you in the loop”

Luckily, Cezar did a bit of searching and came across FeedBear. 

“I do a lot of looking around for diamonds in the rough. We were looking for a feedback board and I was trawling through a few Facebook groups and sites to try to find one”

After checking out a few competitors, Cezar signed up. 

“We checked out Frill and a few others, but really we liked what we saw with FeedBear. A few others we tried were too hard to navigate and made no sense for us in other ways”

You can get set up on FeedBear in just minutes. 

“When we tested it, we thought - this is great. We got set up in a short while. We hadn’t seen anything exactly with that style and features - combining the feedback board with the roadmap and changelog. We love the style and how it works, so we’re definitely going to stick with it”

The Future of AGC

Cezar and the team have been using FeedBear for about six months now. So far they have been using it for internal project management and collaboration. 

Although we give you the option to use the roadmap internally, the AGC team plans to soon move everything public.

“We have a lot planned for the next year and we are working diligently on releasing a bunch of products with the platform. Massive updates. We’re still using the roadmap a lot, but we haven't made it 100% public”

One of the most useful features that FeedBear has is user voting. Your users can vote on ideas on both the feedback board and the roadmap - so you can easily gauge interest in particular ideas. Cezar plans to use this aspect of the platform heavily. 

“The biggest thing we want to use is the voting. When someone has an idea it’s super easy to get a signal by encouraging voting on it. It’s much better than a dozen people who all have the same ideas posting them individually”

There are a lot of interesting projects and improvements shipping in the near future. 

“We just released email marketing and automation. So when we moved them through stages we had them on the roadmap. We’re planning to release a big store update soon. First though, we're going to open up the board for customers to add their feature requests and bug reports, so that we can get a complete idea of what they want us to build for the platform!”

FeedBear is going to be a key part in the ongoing development of the platform, informing product strategy and boosting user engagement. According to Cezar:

“FeedBear is an amazing tool for user engagement. To really know what your customers want, what they need, and to show them that they are valued and listened to. There’s always somebody with valuable insights to share, but individually it's hard to engage with everyone. With FeedBear now though we know that the system is live to capture everyone's feedback and process it properly”

Cezar and AGC have some very big ambitions for the future. 

“We want to overtake Shopify and Wix. We want to become the industry leading web design platform for ecommerce companies. There are at least 20 web design platforms out there, but we want to be number one”

We’re delighted to support this big vision, and wish Cezar and the team the best of luck with their impressive goals!

A sharp focus on users is definitely one of the key ingredients to success in a competitive marketplace. We built FeedBear to give SaaS businesses an unfair advantage when it comes to feedback management and user engagement. 

You can try it out free for 14 days - no credit card required. 

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AGC is a website building and web design platform aimed at eCommerce entrepreneurs.

No items found.
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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