Mirrorscape: Enhancing Community Engagement and Feedback Collection

Mirrorscape, the creative team behind the first ever AR-based tabletop gaming platform ARcana, is set to launch in 2023.

The team consists of industry veterans who have worked on movies like Spiderman, Matrix, and Lord of the Rings.

Mirrorscape recently had a successful Kickstarter and includes actor Joe Manganiello as a creative director for ARcana.

They use FeedBear to get closer to their community, collect feedback in an organized fashion, and make sense of all of it.

Mirrorscape's Journey with FeedBear

Before FeedBear, Mirrorscape was using multiple channels to collect feedback, but it was mostly in the form of bugs and crash reports.

They needed a centralized platform to collect ideas and understand what their players wanted.

With FeedBear, Mirrorscape was able to drive their community towards a single platform to report bugs, share ideas, vote on them, and provide insights into what their users wanted the team to build and focus on.


Why FeedBear?

Mirrorscape CEO Grant Anderson shared the reasons behind choosing FeedBear over other solutions:

"We looked at a bunch of different solutions and did some online research... We checked reviews, what people were saying, and the top 10 sites for feedback collection. We evaluated all of that and then did some of the free trials. A lot of it came down to cost and also the simplicity of the interface and elegance... I liked the simplicity of it. I liked the cost structure."

Grant also highlighted the advantages of FeedBear over Unity's internal feedback system.

With FeedBear, the Mirrorscape team can easily track feedback, engage with users, and showcase their progress on addressing issues and implementing ideas. None of this was possible before.

Grant's Recommendation for FeedBear

For anyone considering FeedBear, Grant had a clear message:

"I think it's a great platform. We've had no problems with it. It's very simple and easy to use... It's been a great experience for us so far."

Mirrorscape's success with FeedBear showcases the power of a simple, elegant, and centralized feedback management system.

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