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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

LeadDelta uses FeedBear to rapidly validate ideas

LeadDelta is the smartest LinkedIn connection manager tool on the market - helping CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders manage their professional networks effortlessly. 

They are FeedBear users, relying on the Feedback Board, Roadmap and Updates to gather, organize and action user feedback. 

We sat down with CEO and co-founder Vedran Rasic to talk about his growing company and how feedback is helping to drive the product’s development. 

LeadDelta’s Story

LeadDelta is a smart LinkedIn connections manager.

“We built it for founders and CEOs who don’t want to just keep adding connections. They actually want to manage their relationships and grow with them”

It’s a young startup, launched in 2020 with a small founding team and a mission to make LinkedIn more manageable and useful. 

“I founded it with some business partners, we have a wonderful team of 10 at the moment and are a fully bootstrapped business. We saw that LinkedIn had started off with a vision for a professional connection platform for people to hang out with like minded people, but it had also become a bit full up with sales guys who just mass spam everyone”

Anyone who has used LinkedIn much can relate to this. Vedran saw an opportunity to make the platform cleaner and better. He decided to build tools that did not conflict with LinkedIn’s main suite, but rather complemented it to help people to utilize the platform to its full potential. 

Vedran initially launched the product as an MVP, while still working on his previous business that has since been acquired. He is now full-time on LeadDelta, and ready to take it to the next level!

Learning From LeadDelta Users

Feedback was very important for Vedran from the beginning, as they were iterating fast with the early versions of the product.  

“We are very product-focused, and we’re all about customer development and customer developed products. We were moving fast and as soon as we had something we published it, so it was hugely important to get feedback ”

So how did Vedran and the team approach user feedback initially? Like many other growing businesses, they used a blend of different methods. 

“I was working with customers a lot. We were using a lot of Google forms for surveys and I was having interviews here and there. I would do 15 minute interviews with almost all the initial users. It was very simple, I asked basic questions about their past and what they wanted out of LinkedIn. The goal was to try to see exactly what they were missing from the platform”

Soon Vedran had done a lot of these interviews, and was getting some great insights. He started to get the feeling that they had reached a point of diminishing usefulness though, as well as taking up a lot of time.

“We had over 120 interviews recorded in those early days. And that was fantastic. Interestingly though, the value started to drop off and we started getting less out of them. The problem was that there was a lot of repetition. We’d hear the same stuff coming up over and over again….”

This makes sense. In most kinds of research there is a point in which the sample is representative enough and you can dial back getting more data or work on automating the process. 

Finding FeedBear

Soon Vedran and the team realized that they were really on to something. They started to invest a lot more in the platform and began really building it out. 

At the same time, they realized that they really needed to start scaling and automating feedback collection. Forms were helpful, but not enough after a while. 

“We used a few feedback tools. We also built our own proprietary tools that connected to Slack using their marketplace. This was the early stages of us collecting feedback without having to directly interact with users. We didn’t have time then to continuously chat with people so we needed to be efficient”

Soon Vedran realised that things were getting unwieldy, and one comprehensive tool was needed to streamline the process. 

“The motivation was to centralize things. Everything was all over the place. Zoom recordings, slack, tickets, we needed a place to bring it all together. We thought about using Trello, which is an interesting option, but it was limited and we wanted something more focused. We also wanted users to be able to submit feature requests”
LeadDelata collects feedback and ideas from customers in a centralized board with FeedBear

This is one of the key advantages of FeedBear. It gives you one place to gather feedback from different sources and keep it all organized. 

“Somebody recommended FeedBear to me and so I gave it a try. It just worked. When software is hard to set up or get used to, that's a dealbreaker in the early stages of a startup. With FeedBear it was super fast and simple, and the team are so helpful and responded fast to all my requests”

Building the LeadDelta Feedback Loop

Vedran and the team got set up fast, and started using the platform’s full functionality right away. 

“We added the link to the board right away. Soon we started to see people logging in and leaving their feedback. Really - all you need to do is ask, and remove any friction for people. This is what FeedBear does so well, it’s very easy for users to engage with the board. There are always some people that are most excited to interact and give us feedback, so all we needed was the right platform to facilitate this and we found it”

As well as opening up the board for users to submit their ideas, features and bug reports - the LeadDelta team have also been submitting their own ideas to the board to gauge how users feel about them. 

“We’ve used the platform a lot for that. We have a whole column in the roadmap for “needs your opinion” and we add to it a lot to get people to engage and interact. It’s very interesting to see how willing people are to help. They are extremely helpful!”

Using FeedBear in this way (which we highly recommend) to get fast validation on new ideas has shaped the LeadDelta product in impressive ways. 

“Several integrations came out of this. Every feature is shaped to a degree by our interaction with users. We always ask for an opinion on everything and every new feature. Now that I think about it almost all the features have been heavily influenced by the feedback we gathered through FeedBear”

It’s fantastic to see such a great business using FeedBear just like it was intended, and getting a real leg up with their product development and user engagement work. 

The Future of LeadDelta

We asked Vedran how he sees the future of LeadDelta and what part FeedBear will play in that future.

“Currently this is an MVP. We want a future where it’s far easier for people to interact, get paid for their work, and collaborate. We believe that the future is far more decentralized, we’ll be more like nodes in a larger community. Most of the platforms that we currently have are not in line with that vision, and will struggle to reposition themselves. We want to really understand the needs of people and create the platform of the future that is community owned. That’s the big goal that we see”

He sees FeedBear playing into this goal nicely.

“While we are a SaaS, we definitely see FeedBear playing into this vision. It’s going to help us build transparent roadmaps, interact with users, gather important feedback”

Can FeedBear Help with your goals too?

Vedran summed up by saying:

“If you are a SaaS startup, especially in B2B and up to $1 million ARR - if you aren't using FeedBear, what are you doing? I am genuinely recommending a product that I love to you - get started with it!”

We appreciate the kind words, and are very happy to support such a great business. We wish Vedran and the team at LeadDelta the best of luck - if you’re into LinkedIn you should definitely check out their product, and have a look at how they are using their FeedBear boards too.

Ready to get the same benefits for your business? You can start getting an endless stream of user ideas and insights, get instant validation on your own ideas, share your progress seamlessly with our roadmap and changelog, and engage users on a new level.

All you need to do is sign up for a free trial. There’s no pressure, no commitment, no credit card required. Give FeedBear a test for 14-days and you’ll see what a powerful tool it is for your business.


#1 LinkedIn Network Manager. Organize your LinkedIn connections the way you want. No ads, no distractions.

No items found.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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