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Cabinets by Computer

Cabinets by Computer provides software solutions for designers, cabinet makers, and joineries.

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Connewarre, Victoria, Australia

Cabinets by Computer uses FeedBear to help them be more customer-centric

Cabinets by Computer (CBC) provides innovative software solutions to around 10,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand, specializing in design, automation, sales, and manufacturing production lines for the cabinet-making or joinery industry.

With offerings such as 3D kitchen & bathroom design and online cabinetry ordering, CBC has established itself as a leader in this niche market.

Recently, they won the Innovation, Research, and Development award at the 2022 Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

Transitioning to a Customer-Led Development Approach

The team at CBC realized the importance of involving their customers in the product development process.

Previously, they used an internal, static text log to share updates with customers, which was neither interactive nor user-friendly.

To transition towards a customer-led development approach, they needed a more interactive, customer-facing solution that would help them build better relationships with their users.

Adopting FeedBear for Customer Feedback Management

CBC chose FeedBear to improve their feedback collection process. We spoke with Justin Collins, the General Manager, to understand their expectations and journey with FeedBear so far.

Cabinets by Computer: A Brief History

Founded in the early 2000s by Gary, a trade professional with a background in cabinet-making, CBC started as a small company with just two people.

They launched their online ordering product in 2013, and the business has experienced significant growth ever since, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why FeedBear?

CBC sought a clean, user-friendly, and interactive solution for capturing customer feedback and sharing updates.

FeedBear checked all the boxes with its simple interface and focus on usability. It provided the transparency and user-friendliness that CBC needed to better involve their customers in the product-building process.


FeedBear's Impact on Customer-Centricity

With FeedBear, CBC has increased transparency in their customer base, receiving valuable feedback on their roadmap and feature development process. By capturing customer feedback early on, CBC can better prioritize and align their development efforts with customer needs.

Improving Customer Relationships

CBC has seen significant improvements in customer relationships since adopting FeedBear. They've received positive feedback from clients who appreciate the transparency and ability to contribute to the product's development.

Best Practices for Using FeedBear

CBC found the CSV import feature particularly helpful for bulk uploading tickets from Jira.

They also set up regular reminders to update their changelog, ensuring that updates are communicated in a customer-friendly format.


Encouraging Team Members and Users to Use FeedBear

CBC promotes FeedBear usage by placing links within their application, at the top of the message board, and in their help and support section.

A Message for Those Considering FeedBear

Justin Collins recommends taking the plunge and trying FeedBear, emphasizing the importance of customer-led development and the value of having a visible, interactive roadmap and feature request system.

Just do it. I think you've got nothing to lose in it and all to gain from it. Customer-led or customer-centric focus around development is so important and this is a really good way to get that happening within your company and your business. So yeah, now more than ever, you need to listen to your customers. You need to understand what they want in your products and having a roadmap and a feature request and a change log that's really clear and really visible to your customers is important. So just do it. 

It was great to speak with Justin and hear about his amazing approach to treating customers as stakeholders.

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Cabinets by Computer

Cabinets by Computer provides software solutions for designers, cabinet makers, and joineries.

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Connewarre, Victoria, Australia

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