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December 18, 2023

5 Best Product Management Tools for your SaaS Product in 2024

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Product management has gone a long way, from being something that is nice to have to a core aspect of running a successful development operation. Besides spawning a huge number of new roles (such as product manager, product marketer, product owner, and others), it also brought about a range of new product management tools.

While some tools are pretty specialized and offer only a certain set of features, others are meant for managing the entire product management workflow. Today, we’re showing you 10 of the very best product management tools you can try in 2024 and beyond.


There’s no one tool that does it all, but if you’re looking for a superb way to collect, store and manage your customer feedback, FeedBear is what you need.


In FeedBear, everything starts with a feedback board. This is a place where customer can add their feedback, whether it’s a feature request, bug report, or a general piece of feedback. Once the customer leaves their feedback, other customers and your own team members can leave comments in threads.

More importantly, your customers can vote on feature requests and feedback bits so you can immediately have quantitative feedback and know what to prioritize next. And once you’ve decided which features you want to build, simply move them to a FeedBear product roadmap with a few clicks.

In a fully customizable roadmap, you can also let your customers comment on planned features and product updates, as well as leave votes. Everyone who leaves a comment or upvotes at any point in the process gets an email whenever an update happens.

At the very end of the road, when a new feature goes live, you can automatically create a new update in your changelog with FeedBear.

All of this comes at an amazing price of $49 per month - but you can sign up for a free trial today!


Boasting a long list of enterprise customers, ProductBoard is one of the oldest product management tools around. Built with large products and teams in mind, ProductBoard is made for collecting feedback, analyzing it, and managing entire projects from the ground up.


The entire product has several different layers. You can choose your own starting point, but product validation is a good one. Once you’ve created a product portal, you can let customers add new feature requests and ideas, as well as vote on them before proceeding further with the development process.

You can also centralize all of your feedback in ProductBoard’s central feedback repository. This holds true for not only the entries from the product portal but also from platforms like Gong, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Determine what your customers want by collecting their upvotes and managing feedback from different platforms, all in one place.

There is an entire functionality for roadmaps too, and it gives you a wealth of options for customizing. So much so that if you want to create a simple roadmap from scratch, you could be getting into an ordeal that takes several hours.

In general, ProductBoard is an amazing product for well-established software, but if you’re just getting started, it gets very complex really fast. You can spend hours just getting up to speed and there’s a good likelihood that you won’t use most of the features.

The pricing starts at $20 per maker per month, but don’t be surprised when you have to spend hundreds per month just to have the same level of features as some cheaper tools. Couple it with the many features you’ll never use and ProductBoard really only makes sense for enterprise-level customers.


If you’re keen on product management tools that do many things at once, ProdPad might be an excellent way to get started. Similar to ProductBoard, with an arguably nicer user experience, ProdPad offers many tools in one to get your product management in shape.


One thing that sets ProdPad apart is that you have two main options: idea management and feedback management, as they are completely separate in this tool. You start with collecting feedback and once it comes in, you tie that feedback to ideas.

Once you know which feedback leads to which outcomes and ideas, you can segment your audiences and manage your feedback all in one place.

Roadmaps are arguably the best part of ProdPad. They’re super easy to make, customize and organize according to your needs. Setting the right permissions for viewing and editing is a breeze too.

When it comes to pricing, things get a little bit complicated. Each part of the app is billed separately, so you have to pay $20 per editor per month for all 3 aspects of ProdPad: ideas, feedback, and roadmaps.

The reality is, each of these parts is useless without the other two, so the cheapest way to get ProdPad is a $60 per month subscription. Not the cheapest out there and given the complexity of use with the huge number of features, probably too much for someone just getting started with product management.


Atlassian is a giant in the world of SaaS and Jira is one of their best-known products. In essence, Jira is built for software development and planning rather than collecting and managing feedback, and this is where it excels compared to most other tools.

Compared to simple project management apps like Trello, Jira is more robust and built with developers in mind.


Jira works in both agile and scrum environments. It helps product managers and developers think of tasks in a form of issues to be tracked. It’s also super easy to file bug reports and see them through from start to finish.

You can create scrum and kanban boards for an easy overview of the tasks in progress or you can create a roadmap to keep your internal team members in the loop. Beware though, as sharing roadmaps from Jira to your customers is quite a hassle.

In general, Jira is an amazing tool if you have a highly technical team consisting of developers and some knowledgeable product managers to guide the process. However, it can be a major downgrade for anyone used to tools with a better UX such as Trello, ClickUp, or Asana.

At $7 per user per month, Jira is a no-brainer. It’s an excellent tool that can do quite a lot - just make sure you know your requirements first and what you want to achieve.


There’s hardly a person that you can talk to who used Figma and doesn’t have positive words about it. The reason is simple - Figma does an amazing job. This tool is built for designing and prototyping and if you have a blank canvas for your product, this is one of the sleekest ways to turn your designs into live ideas.


Figma lets you create prototypes and design wireframes in an environment that’s easy to use and share. Your product managers, designers, and marketers can all get access to the same Figma file for comments and thoughts.

With each file you create, you get a version history so you can easily go back and add new comments or revert to an older version of the file you need.

There’s a free trial available and paid plans start at $12 per user per month, which is an amazing value for money. One of the most common complaints about Figma is that it doesn’t integrate with many other product management tools, which is a fair statement. As a design and mockup tool though, it’s excellent.


If you're looking for a scalable way to create beautiful customer feedback forms, look no further. Typeform has been the go-to tool for many website owners and product managers looking to question, poll or quiz their audiences.

This intuitive form builder comes packed with a large

Wrapping up

Product management is quite a new branch in SaaS and as years go by, it gets more complex, with new roles, duties and tools developed all the time. There is one thing that never changes though - the importance of the customer’s voice and feedback.

If you’re as crazy about feedback as we are, sign up for a free trial of FeedBear! We’ll show you that collecting, sharing, managing, and storing feedback is a piece of cake. Sign up today to get started!

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