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Last Updated on
December 18, 2023

The 8 Best Feature Voting Tools for SaaS Companies

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One of the most challenging things about running a SaaS product is determining which feature to build next. With so many priorities and requests from your customers, deciding what to put next in the backlog, what to scrap, and what to build sometimes becomes difficult.

Like many other aspects of product management, feature voting has been automated and perfected with a variety of software. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best feature voting tools in the market and determine which ones are worth your time.

What are feature voting tools?

These are pieces of software that allow your customers to vote on the features they want your product team to build. Besides your customers, great feature voting tools allow your team to vote on the most important features.

There are lots of different factors at play when it comes to deciding on your next feature. You can often face confusion about complexity, cost, time to develop, alignment with your overall product roadmap, mission, vision, and more.

However, the number of customers who want a certain feature is a great baseline for deciding which features get prioritized. These tools will help you tally up the votes and reach a decision more easily.


There are many great features in FeedBear and being able to vote on features is just one of them. When you start using FeedBear, you can create a feedback board where all the feedback around your product is stored. This is where your customers and your team can add different feature requests and vote on them.


Customers can vote on feature requests anonymously or login with their email. Every customer that votes on a feature request gets automatically notified if something happens with it - such as getting moved to a product roadmap.

Besides feature voting, FeedBear has a host of useful features such as product roadmaps, changelogs, and much more.

Prices start at $49 per project per month and there is a free trial available. Sign up today to get started!


One of the most popular and well-known product tools around, Uservoice has lots to offer. It was primarily built with enterprise audiences in mind, which you can see as soon as you land on their website.


Besides feature upvotes, it offers a host of ways for product managers and professionals to collect, manage and analyze feedback. You can collect feedback in a variety of ways, including a feedback portal, in Slack, or through the widget and API in Uservoice.

There are only two issues with Uservoice as a feature voting tool. First, it has a lot of features that your team probably does not need - if all you need is a good way to upvote feature requests. The second is the pricing, which starts at a whopping $799 per month. In short, not the best candidate on the list.


Probably the most similar to FeedBear in terms of the overall package, Upvoty is a decent choice for product teams looking to get set up with the basics of product management. It has a way to collect feedback in a centralized feedback hub, as well as a product roadmap capability to build on the feedback you collected.


The pricing is highly competitive as well, with just $15 per month for the cheapest plan. Sounds good until you get to the catch - this gets you 150 tracked users for the entire product. This includes the roadmaps, feedback hub, changelogs, and the feature upvoting part of the app.

In short, Upvoty is very affordable and has a decent set of features but it’s only a good choice if you have a small number of customers. The more powerful integrations (such as Zapier and Slack) and features (such as changelog) come in the pricier plan at $39 per month. And at this point, FeedBear is the better alternative.


While it has not been around for as long as its main competitors, Canny has made a major impact on the customer feedback tool market. The main differentiator between Uservoice and Productboard is that Canny is built with a different target audience in mind. The product is leaner and in general, easier to understand and use.


Having said that, Canny allows you to collect and analyze feedback, as well as upvote features, just like the other entries on this list. It has a central hub for feedback collecting, where you can also analyze qualitative and quantitative feedback, then pass it on to the roadmap.

The issue with Canny for upvoting features is simply the fact that it’s too expensive. At $400 for the cheapest plan, it’s a tall order for smaller product teams or solo founders just looking to gather feature requests and get some upvotes. It might be worth looking into Canny alternatives instead.


Similarly to Uservoice, Productboard is far from “just” a feature voting tool. It would probably be an insult to this app, which is more of a standalone project and product management platform. Indeed, it comes with an entire toolset that can replace your project management tool of choice.


Besides feature voting, Productboard has various ways to collect, manage, store and analyze feedback. You can use it to build roadmaps with different levels of detail, as well as prioritize features and validate your product ideas.

Also similar to Uservoice, Productboard is overly complex for someone just looking for a feature voting tool. If you’re on the lookout for a dedicated product management solution and feature voting is a nice extra, this is a good choice. Plans start at $20 per maker per month but you’ll have to pay up to $80 per maker to get the most out of the product.


The only entry on this list that isn’t a proper feedback tool, VoteHub is pretty simple in design. It’s an app that you embed on your website that allows your visitors and customers to place votes on different things and have those votes displayed in real-time.


A major upside is the ease of use for your customers as they don’t have to log in or make an account to vote on feature requests. The downside is that the feature voting is not connected to a larger feedback system as is the case with FeedBear and other entries on this list.

For what it’s worth, VoteHub is cheap. At $2.99 per month, you can leave up to 5 items up for voting on your website. However, it’s not worth much if you can’t do a lot with those votes later on.


Don’t be fooled by the name, FeatureUpvote is much more than a simple way to vote on feature requests. FeatureUpvote is similar to many other entries on this list as it is a full-scale feedback tool that allows you to collect and manage feedback from a central location.


Once you create a feedback board, you can invite your customers to leave feature requests and have them vote on their priorities. Besides that, your team can also vote on behalf of your customers, which is becoming a common feature nowadays.

There is only one paid plan for FeatureUpvote and it’s $99 per month. This gives you access to unlimited contributors and team members and it’s a seemingly good deal. However, for the basic feedback software features, there are better deals to be had with other competitors from this list.


Another feedback software on the list, Upfeed promises to be a platform for collecting feature requests and votes, but it’s more than that. Similar to other entries on this list, it provides a way for your customers to leave feedback which you can then turn into roadmap items.


The issue is that compared to some more established names like Uservoice and Canny, the feedback system in Upfeed looks rather clunky. Feedback boards, roadmaps, and changelogs are there but not with the same level of functionality as the more advanced competitors.

The good news is that the pricing is competitive - it starts at just $7 per month.

Wrapping up

The ability to upvote features from the customer side can be an excellent way to speed up feature prioritization and build a better product for your customers. Finding the right tool for it is important because, with feature upvoting, you usually get a ton of excellent features on the side.

This is why choosing the right tool is important - it’s not just built for upvoting features, but to help your product management and prioritization. Try out FeedBear today and watch as your company grows into a customer-centric and feedback-driven SaaS product. Sign up today to get started!

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Collect customer feedback the easy way.

Bring feedback, ideas and feature requests in one place with FeedBear, so you can focus on what matters. Start your 14-day free trial today – no credit card required.

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