16 Best Communities for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

The entrepreneurial spirit remained pretty strong during the pandemic. In 2021 alone, 5.4 million new business applications were filed in the U.S, surpassing the record set in 2020 of 4.4 million. While a good portion of them would find it difficult to succeed, we still cherish the spirit that is alive and thriving!

One of the ways to succeed is to seek help from the entrepreneur communities popping up around the internet. If you have your next amazing idea that you think can solve a basic problem, these communities are your go-to place to validate, refine and even scale your idea to its best possible shape.

Today, we’ll show you 16 of the best communities for budding entrepreneurs.


What are Entrepreneurship communities?

These are places where (potential) entrepreneurs gather to discuss ideas. Topics can be anything from product validation, how to get beta testers, how to break through into new markets, the best ways to market a product on a tight budget, and more.

In essence, these are places where entrepreneurs come for inspiration, help, and actionable advice from others who have been in their shoes. Today, we handpicked the very best of these communities where the discussions are authentic and where you can learn from.


16 Best Communities for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

Product Hunt

Arguably the most popular website for startups and entrepreneurs in 2022, Product Hunt is on the watch list of every founder and marketer in the world. In short, this is a place where products get “hunted” to fight for their product of the day. Every day throughout the year, Product Hunt promotes one product as their “product of the day”. You fight for your right to entry and then win the #1 spot with visitor votes.


This is a great place to promote your product if you’ve achieved product-market fit. Product Hunt will promote you through their channels and it’s a neat way to get some buzz around you and some new customers. Also, you can watch it daily to get inspired by new marketing and product ideas.


The world’s most popular website for asking questions and answering them, Quora can brag about the massive traffic it attracts, as it goes in millions - per day. It’s the place where you can find the most random questions and answers on any topic that you can think of. It’s also a place where you can interact with other entrepreneurs and your target audience.


For example, you can ask potential customers if the feature you’re about to launch is something that they would use. You can also answer questions where people ask around for products like yours, but beware of overly promoting yourself and breaking Quora’s platform rules.

Hacker News

You may have not heard of this website before, but you’ve probably heard of the company that runs it - Y Combinator. This is a platform where you can find the latest news on all things tech and gather fresh data for customer research or chatbot marketing.


Hacker News also aggregates insights from other communities such as GitHub (so you can learn some dev tricks) as well as job ads from popular websites around the world.


This popular software for running website experiments is also home to one of the biggest communities for startups. Join in and you can see members from the biggest SaaS apps in the world such as Tinder or Zoom discussing topics and engaging in AMAs (ask me anything) with the community.

Even if you don’t join as a member, you can gather massive insights from the topics that are freely available to all members.


Building a product on your own can get very lonely. This is how the founder of Makerlog, Sergio Mattei, felt in 2018 when deciding to build this platform. In short, Logmaker allows you to put your to-do and task list out in the public for others to see.


Sounds like a silly idea but there are over 7,000 entrepreneurs and they’re checking in daily to see others’ progress and add their own. If you’re looking for input on your actions as well as learn from others who are building a product, this is a fantastic project to participate in.

Designer News

Great design is necessary to build an amazing product. However, reading from traditional design websites can sometimes make you search for hours to find something relevant. Also, you never know if a recommendation is honest or a paid promotion.


Designer News is exactly that, a platform where you can see the latest and greatest in the world of design. There’s one key difference though - it’s built and run by its own community. This means that you’ll always get the fresh scoop on the latest design updates, from actual designers.


For anyone doing customer research, Reddit is a proper gold mine of ideas and user feedback. However, it can also be an amazing community for entrepreneurs to gather and exchange thoughts about launching products, validating ideas, removing their doubts and more.


Entrepreneur is the best place to be as the discussion is civil and down-to-earth and like everything on Reddit, heavily moderated to keep the commercial content away. Add the fact that you can be anonymous too and it’s a safe haven for new entrepreneurs.


Just starting with your new endeavor and have no idea where to turn first? Join the Startups subreddit to get some insights from other new (potential) founders like you. With topics such as Feedback Fridays and threads to promote your own startup, this is a community that welcomes newbies.

You can get info on raising funds and investment rounds, feedback on your MVP and much more. This subreddit is specifically built for people with no experience so you’ll feel right at home if you’re just getting your feet wet in entrepreneurship.


Similar to the subreddits above, this is another great community to check out if you’re already on Reddit. You can find ideas for your own small business as members often discuss what they thought of, as well as get feedback on your own.

With 830k members and a lively discussion, this is an excellent read with your morning coffee.

No Code Founders

Not everyone who wants to build an amazing piece of software is a developer - and that’s okay. There are countless no-code platforms today that allow even non-tech people to start building their first app.

no code founders

No Code Founders is a Slack community with over 12,000 members where new and budding entrepreneurs discuss the best ways to build new technology without learning a complex programming language or hiring expensive developers.

Indie Hackers

This platform was built with one purpose - to be a place for successful founders to share their stories and write about their progress. Here you can find people with profitable (side) businesses talking about their path to success.

If you’re looking to learn from others’ successes and meet new founders with fresh ideas, this is one of the best communities on the internet to talk to like-minded people.

We Are No Code

Need a tool set for building your first product? We Are No Code gives you access to their course for free, where you can learn through examples about how to build an app without being a technical founder.

we are no code

Not only is it free, but there are founders claiming to have launched their no-code app in as little as two weeks from starting. While the community is free, you’ll have to sign up and register to get access.


This is another Reddit community focused on startups. However, this one has a different focus - growth hacking or finding the most efficient ways to promote a new idea and company on a shoestring budget.

While it is somewhat smaller than the previously mentioned ones (with about 28,000 members), you can find a range of interesting topics, from how to promote yourself on LinkedIn through ways to prevent your business from ransomware attacks to the best ways of improving your email marketing metrics.

Stack Overflow

Originally a community of developers, Stack Overflow is one of the most popular places online to hang out if you write any sort of code. This is where you can talk to other developers, read about the problems they run into, and find new, creative ways to solve problems.

It’s also a neat place to ask questions if you’re someone with little experience in development, or looking to launch their first product.


It’s exactly what the name says - a community where you get to “ride along” with others who are on a similar journey to yours, to building a successful product. You can find stories like one of an entrepreneur who went from $4k per month to 17 million.

It’s not focused on a specific part of the entrepreneur journey so you can find a vast array of stories and ideas here for inspiration and perhaps to check if you’re prepared for it in the first place.


Looking to get practical advice on building anything without using code? This is the place. Whether you want to build an automation, work on your personal website or launch a full-blown product, Makerpad has all the resources you need.


The platform has countless practical tutorials on how to build things, explained step by step. So, instead of learning from theory, you can learn how to build a no-code job board or automate inquiries using a combo of Airtable and Zapier.

Wrapping up

As you can see, you’re never alone as a new entrepreneur and startup founder. There are countless places where you can discuss your ideas and learn from others - and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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