The Easiest Way To Collect and Manage Customer Feedback

Collect ideas and feature requests, know exactly what to build next, keep customers in the loop to drive retention and feature adoption.

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FeedBear is such an intuitive product. We now have a community of passionate product users who help us improve our roadmap and ship great features. We love it.

Vedran Rasic - CEO at LeadDelta

60 seconds set up

It's so simple you can start collecting customer feedback in just minutes.

Fully customizable

Use your logo and colors, set it up on your own domain. Add custom CSS.


We keep things simple, intuitive, fast. Try our feedback board.

All feedback in one place

Learn what your customers actually want. Give everyone a chance to make their voice heard, collect ideas, feature requests and feedback all in one place. Learn more

Prioritize based on user votes.

Know what your customers want, spend your time and effort where it will bring results.

Automatic duplicate detection

You can also add a little list of short text snippets with green checkmarks in front of them.

Voting is a big factor in what we prioritize. If a lot of people are upvoting something, then that's going to get a higher ranking for us. It's something that we actively ask our users to do.

Jeff Solomon - CEO at Markup Hero

Share a roadmap

Keep customers engaged with updates on your progress. Send automatic status updates as you work on your product. Learn more

Close the feedback loop

Don't miss the opportunity to improve retention and drive new feature adoption

Send automatic notifications

FeedBear automatically notifies your users when you make progress on their requests.

We have a whole column in the roadmap for “Needs Your Opinion” and we add a lot to it to get people to engage and interact. It’s very interesting to see how willing people are to help. They are extremely helpful!

Vedran Rasic - CEO at LeadDelta

Publish a Changelog

Announce product changes and never let new features go unnoticed. Learn more

Inform users of the latest improvements

Make sure they get value from what you release.

Improve retention

Keep users from churning by making sure they're aware of the latest features you've shipped.

Understand what customers really want

FeedBear helps you listen to your customers, collect ideas and feature requests, prioritize them and then keep customers in the loop.

FeedBear has a great UI, it’s fast, and has all the core features you may need from a user feedback tool.

Phil Gons - VP of Product at Faithlife

All the features you need

Make sense of feedback, wherever it comes from, then focus on what matters – building the right product.

Idea voting

Users vote ideas and requests, giving you useful data to prioritize.


Engage users by sharing what you're working on.


Organize ideas and feature requests with tags

Email notifications

Notify users of changes on ideas they've sent, voted or commented on.

Public or private

Lock down your project by domain or email to use it internally.


Announce new product features, keep users engaged.

Custom domains

Host your idea board or roadmap on your domain.

Custom branding

Make it your own. Use your color, icons and logo.


Work with your tools, including Zapier, Slack, Jira and Trello.

Private ideas

Mark ideas private to hide them from public view (coming soon)

Anonymous votes

Users can vote without an account (but you can disable this)

No user accounts

Reduce friction and let users submit ideas with just their name and email.

Single Sign On

Let user login to your board using their existing credentials. (coming soon)

Feedback Widget

Collect feedback and ideas directly from your website.

Vote on behalf of users

So you can track requests from all customers and prioritize with accurate data.

Custom statuses

Rename every status used for ideas and in your roadmap. Add your own.

Custom roadmap

Choose exactly what you want to show in your roadmap.


Engage your users, ask questions, dig deeper into problems, test solutions.


Use mentions to notify people and better manage discussions around an idea.

Merge ideas

Merge duplicate or similar ideas into one. Create sets of features or epics.

Export voters

Export names and emails for everyone who requested a feature, so you can easily reach out.

User profiles

See what each of your users has posted, access their contact details.

Version history

See all edits on an idea and revert to previous versions.

Social login

Allow users to login with Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Custom CSS

Add your own custom code to make your pages unique.

Pin comments

Pin comments at the top of discussions.


Add titles and descriptions to all pages to guide your users.

Filter and sort

Filter by status and tags, sort by popularity, comments and trending.


Invite your team, let them manage ideas and moderate.

Custom homepage

Decide whether your project’s homepage loads to your Feedback board, Roadmap or Changelog.

Import ideas

You can import or export ideas and feedback into a board.

WordPress plugin

Easily embed our widget with SSO integration in your WP site.

Export your data

Take all your data with you: ideas, votes, comments, users.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Make collecting feedback easy for your users, get notified, bring customer ideas into your existing workflows.

Gather feedback in Intercom

Our Intercom widget allows your users to express their ideas without leaving your app. Reduce support requests and make customers feel listened to.

Quickly respond to feedback with Slack

Receive instant notifications about new feedback and comments so you'll be able to respond quickly.

Turn ideas into tasks with Trello

Got a great idea from a customer or team member? Convert that into a Trello task and add it to your backlog in one click.

Prepare for the next sprint with Jira

Once ideas are validated by feedback, votes and comments from customers, quickly add them as issues in Jira for a new sprint. (Coming soon)

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