WebBoss uses FeedBear to collect feature ideas

FeedBear powers the feedback & roadmap operations of hundreds of amazing software tools, startups and SaaS businesses around the world. We love to talk to our users about their experiences, and how they are using FeedBear to move them towards their business goals. That’s why we ... Read More

LeadDelta uses FeedBear to rapidly validate ideas

LeadDelta is the smartest LinkedIn connection manager tool on the market - helping CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders manage their professional networks effortlessly. They are FeedBear users, relying on the Feedback Board, Roadmap and Updates to gat... Read More

Markup Hero uses FeedBear for customer development

Markup Hero built one of the most neat, handy tools on the internet - we use it all the time! They’re also FeedBear fans - using our Feedback Board, Roadmap and Changelog to get great ideas from their users, prioritize what to build next, and keep stakeholder... Read More

How AGC uses FeedBear internally

AGC is an amazing platform, letting anyone build fully-functional eCommerce stores with zero code required. Shopify - watch out! They’ve been using FeedBear to build out their roadmap and help to plan new features. We sat down with Cezar, founder of AGC, to hear his story. ... Read More

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