What is a Customer Advisory Board and How to Use It?

Learning more about your customers was always desired by businesses of all sizes but has never been easier. The most recent example we can find is of Amazon acquiring iRobot, the maker of Roomba, a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners. This move can allow them to tap into a universe of cu... Read More

5 Best Product Management Tools for your SaaS Product in 2023

Product management has gone a long way, from being something that is nice to have to a core aspect of running a successful development operation. Besides spawning a huge number of new roles (such as product manager, product marketer, product owner, and others), it also brought about a range of ne... Read More

6 Best Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designers in 2022

Every website you’ve visited or an app you’ve ever used was once just an idea in someone’s mind. The path from an idea to a live, working product is  long and a rough one, with countless steps and hurdles in between. One of those crucial steps is prototyping.Before launching a produ... Read More

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