Sources Of Product Feedback

Product feedback is crucial for running a great SaaS business, whether you’re Slack or a solopreneur with an app built in Airtable. It’s one of the best ways to get inspired, fix what’s not working, and create something amazing that actually solves customers’ pain points.... Read More

What is a Customer Advisory Board and How to Use It?

Learning more about your customers has never been easier. There are now tools that can give you detailed insights about who they are, what habits they have, how they interact with your company, and in which ways they learn your product. However, there is immense value in talking to your cu... Read More

Product Manager Job Description Sample

The career of a product manager is an interesting prospect for many today. With so many new products being launched every day, companies need capable product managers to be the link between customers on the one hand and a team of engineers on the other. If like many others, you’re trying t... Read More

Start listening to your customers

Understand what they really want. Build the right product.

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